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Educational Grants

For more information on supporting an educational event, please contact:

Elaine White
Exhibits Manager
(925) 361-4807


There are a limited number of opportunities to support independent events or symposia during Contemporary Forums Programs. Please refer below for procedures and process:


Elaine White
Exhibits Manager
(925) 361-4807

Independent Satellite Symposia (ISS) at Contemporary Forums

Independent Satellite Symposia (ISS) refers to any activity, educational in nature, which is independently organized, developed and offered by another organization and held as an adjunct to the Contemporary Forums Conference program. An ISS may be supported by a company or not-for-profit organization.

Industry-Supported Satellite Symposia may offer continuing medical education credits for the audience of all Contemporary Forums based programs – these credits include AMA PRA, ANCC and ACPE. Contemporary Forums can not provide the credit for these programs.

All Industry-Supported Satellite Symposia offering continuing education credits must be in compliance with the essentials and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), including but not limited to the Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education. ACCME guidelines require a written agreement between the supporting company and the accredited provider of the program in order to ensure that the symposium program meets all the criteria necessary for designation of AMA PRA Category 1 credit. If applicable, certification that the program offers Category 1 CME credit must be presented with the application.

The Symposium Must:

The Organization Must:

Hold Contemporary Forums harmless from any and all claims that may result from the meeting.

All entities affiliated with the Symposium (Supporter, medical education company, accreditation provider, logistical support provider) must be listed on the Contact Page of the proposal with appropriate contact names and full contact information provided for each company or organization.

Once an application is approved, additional Supporters cannot be added. Programs with multiple Supporters (i.e., three (3) or more) are highly encouraged.

Proposal Submission

The deadline for submission of ISS proposals is 120 days prior to the Conference date.

Upon approval and acceptance of any proposal you will receive an Approval Letter along with the Confirmation Agreement.

The Confirmation Agreement states the Supporter or Supporter's designee (e.g. medical education and communications company), and/or the CME Provider agrees to:

  1. Sign the Independent Satellite Symposium Agreement and pay the ISS fee of $20,000 directly to Contemporary Forums in the form of an educational grant
    1. The fee includes use of room space for the Symposium, one time use of the meeting pre-registration list (names and mailing addresses only; phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses will not be included; the list will be run one time only, as determined by Contemporary Forums.) Contemporary Forums is not responsible for any costs.
  2. Submit the following to Contemporary Forums for review and approval before distribution in print or electronically:
    1. Faculty and Planning Committee Disclosure Information
    2. Promotional and Marketing Materials
    3. Invitations
    4. Signage
    5. Faculty presentations
    6. Evaluation Tool
    7. Full evaluation report of the Evaluation Data (due three weeks after the ISS)
    8. Session evaluations must include assessment items that probe participants' perceptions on 1) whether the program was commercially biased; 2) whether the program was educationally balanced and objective; and 3) their overall rating on the quality of the program. In addition, Post-conference outcomes data is strongly encouraged.
  3. Include the following statement in all approved promotional and marketing material for the Symposium:
    "This presentation was accepted by Contemporary Forums as an independent educational activity held adjunct to the Conference. This presentation is not sponsored or endorsed by Contemporary Forums."
  4. Obtain all requested copyright permissions and licenses for materials that will be used as part of the Symposium.
  5. Comply in all respects with all applicable U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laws, regulations, and guidelines, including those regarding industry supported scientific and educational activities; the American Medical Association (AMA) Ethical Opinion on Gifts to Physicians; the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals; the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Essential Areas and Standards; the Office of Inspector General Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
  6. Use the assigned meeting room for the ISS. The assigned meeting room will be available to the CME provider and/or ISS Supporter's designee (e.g. medical education and communications company) a minimum of two hours prior to the official start time of the ISS.
  7. Make all ISS logistical arrangements directly with the assigned facility. The Supporter is financially and legally responsible for payment of all invoices for said logistical services with the assigned facility and any vendors utilized by the Supporter's designee (e.g. medical education and communications company), including but not limited to: audiovisual equipment or technicians, electrical service, telephone service, drape, catering, and alterations to the room setup.
  8. Provide onsite staff outside the meeting room to direct and assist faculty and attendees at least one half hour before the official start time of the ISS.
  9. Ensure that invitations, communications of any kind, advertising, or other descriptions of the event do not use or contain Contemporary Forums' name or logo, or otherwise suggest or imply that Contemporary Forums has endorsed or sponsored the event. The name of the Contemporary Forums meeting may be mentioned one time for identification purposes, in a reasonably-sized, neutral font.
  10. All catering costs are the sole responsibility of the CME provider and/or the Supporter (e.g. medical education and communications company).
  11. Not change any material aspect of the Symposium from that conveyed in the proposal.
  12. Not include commercial displays in or around the room where the ISS is held.
  13. Not sell or promote a product to ISS attendees before, during, or after the ISS.

The Independent Satellite Symposium Agreement and Payment

After the Invitation Acceptance and Confirmation Agreement are signed, the Independent Satellite Symposium Agreement for the ISS will be sent to the contact person(s) designated by the Supporter.

Upon receipt of the signed Independent Satellite Symposium Agreement and payment for the ISS, Contemporary Forums will provide each ISS Supporter and/or the Supporter's designee (e.g. medical education and communications company) with the approved date, time, facility, and room for the ISS. You will also be provided with the contact information for the person at the assigned facility with whom the CME Provider or Supporter's designee (e.g. medical education and communications company) will work to make the logistical arrangements for the ISS.

Deadlines and Cancellation

The Acceptance and Confirmation Agreement, the Independent Satellite Symposium Agreement and payment for the ISS must be received by the deadlines stated in the agreements. Failure to return the signed agreements or send payment by the stated deadlines may result in disqualification of the ISS. No refunds of the ISS fee will be given once the Acceptance and Confirmation Agreement and the Independent Satellite Symposium Agreement are signed, even in the event of cancellation of the ISS by the Supporter.

Contact Elaine White as noted above for specific times & dates that are open for these programs.

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