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NACCT Exhibitor Application

Payment must follow faxed applications within 10 working days. Make checks payable to:

3478 Buskirk Ave, Ste 1000
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Attn: Exhibits Manager.

Tax ID #76-0845694


The Exhibitor booth fee is $1500
The Non-profit fee is $1000
Booth space fee includes (1) 8x10 booth, (2) chairs, (4) exhibitor badges for profit and (1) for non profit, (1) wastebasket, (1) ID sign, (1) 6ft. skirted table.
The cost of additional booth personnel is $200 per person.


I will Exhibit (select number of spaces):

Additional Booth Personal Total:

Select extras:

Important Details to Note:

  • Call for space availability if registering after September 25, 2018.
  • Read the contract conditions. Print a copy of this page before you click submit for your records.
  • Exhibitors may display or sell only what is listed above on this contract.
+ Exhibitor Terms & Conditions
Registered exhibitors are entitled to the following:
  1. Standard display/exhibit space as purchased for use during the stated exhibit period
  2. Exhibit staff may register as participants and pay the registration fees to receive CE credit
  3. Exhibit badge allows you access to the opening reception
Exhibit Cancellations:
  1. In the event it is necessary for the exhibitor to cancel their space rental agreement, a full refund (less a $50 processing fee per booth) will be made for requests postmarked no later than September 25, 2018. No refunds will be made on cancellations postmarked after September 25, 2018. Cancellations must be received in writing from the authorized exhibitor representative.
Acceptability of Exhibits:
  1. All exhibits shall be to serve the interest of the NACCT conference participants. NACCT reserves the right to accept or reject, before, during or after the application process, any and all exhibitors for any reason. NACCT reserves the right to require the modification of any exhibit or exhibit materials on display which, in its opinion, are not in character with the convention or which detract from other exhibitors. Acceptance of an exhibit does not imply any endorsement of the exhibitor.
  2. Companies selling education-related products for personal or institutional use relevant to the NACCT conference are encouraged to exhibit.
Exhibitor Responsibilities:
  1. Security may be provided as necessary during hours when the exhibit area is set but closed and unsupervised by conference personnel. However, it is the individual exhibitor’s responsibility to safeguard equipment and materials from the time such items are brought into the facility until they are removed. It is also the exhibitor’s responsibility to remove any dangerous materials from their displays when exhibitor staff are not present to supervise its use. Exhibitors must provide and use proper hazardous waste disposal techniques for any applicable material they generate.
  2. All booth equipment must be in position before the exhibit hall opens and must remain staffed and in position during the activities scheduled in the exhibit area. Booths cannot be broken down prior to the scheduled exhibit closing time.
  3. All promotional activities and booth furniture must be contained within the assigned booth area and audiovisual or other devices may not interfere with other exhibitors. All goods, items and services must be those provided during the exhibitor’s regular course of business and listed in the appropriate place on the front of this page.
  4. NACCT may cancel the conference or exhibition for any reason. NACCT, the conference facility and official service contractors (hereafter, all referred to as “Conference Administrators”) shall not be liable for any expenses, incurred by the exhibitor except for refund of exhibitor fees.
  5. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to be certain their exhibit and accompanying equipment can be moved into the designated exhibit area and conforms with all applicable safety and fire regulations. Any and all services needed from the facility over and above those provided as a standard exhibitor package are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  6. The exhibitor agrees to protect, save and hold NACCT, the hotel, and all its corporate entities, the exposition service, and all agents and employees thereof (hereafter, collectively called “Indemnities”) forever harmless for any damages or charges imposed for violations of any law or ordinance, where occasioned by the negligence of the exhibitor or those holding under the exhibitor. Further, the exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and hold harmless the Indemnities against and from any and all losses, costs, damages, liability, or expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising from or out of or by reason of any accident or bodily injury or other occurrences to any person or persons, including the exhibitor, its agents, employees, and business invites which arises from or out of or by reason of said exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition premises, the hotel, or any part thereof.
  7. It is the exhibitor’s sole responsibility to obtain business interruption insurance and full insurance coverage on all exhibit material, equipment or apparatus introduced into the conference location premises; to have comprehensive general liability, contractual liability and property damage insurance protecting against any liability which may accrue by reason of alleged wrongful or negligent conduct of the exhibitor in the amount of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence; to have Workman’s Compensation insurance meeting statutory limits or insurance required by similar employee benefit acts as well as insurance having a minimum per occurrence limit of at least $100,000 against all claims, which may be brought for personal injury or death of exhibitor’s employees. All such coverage is to include contractual liability.
  8. It is the exhibitor’s sole responsibility to pay any royalties or license fees due, but not limited to, BMI, ASCAP, or to the host city and/or state.
  9. Exhibitors will comply with these terms and conditions; rules and regulations of the “Conference Administrators;” city, state or federal regulations governing this exhibition; hazardous waste, labor unions, HCEA and the Exposition Service Contractors Association guidelines and regulations.

By click submit above, I acknowledge that I have read the "Exhibitor Terms & Conditions" and agree.