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Two Important NP Conferences to Attend in Fall 2016


Two important conferences for NPs will be taking place in the fall of 2016. First, the 33rd Annual High Risk Obstetric Nursing conference, which is being held in New Orleans September 21 - 24, will offer a thorough approach to current topics in high risk obstetrics, encompassing fetal surveillance in difficult pregnancies, safety promotion for mother and fetus, diabetes and obesity management during pregnancy, and other issues such as preeclampsia, emergency situations and the legal and ethical implications of managing high-risk and critically ill obstetric patients and injured newborns.

Exceptional speakers, including Suzanne McMurtry Baird, DNP, RN, founder and president of Clinical Concepts in Obstetrics, Inc., and Jay P. Goldsmith, MD, professor of pediatrics at Tulane University School of Medicine, will be making presentations.

"The topics addressed were relevant and informative," commented Alicia Waterlyn, RN, BSN, C-EFM, about the content presented at the High Risk Obstetric Nursing conference in 2015. "I feel better prepared to provide quality care to patients, to identify patients who are at risk for complications and to improve patient outcomes."

The second conference to take note of is called Birth Injuries & the Law: Clinical Challenges and Medical Malpractice, which is being held in Las Vegas October 6 - 8. With a focus on practical strategies to ensure a culture of patient safety and understand the nuts and bolts of litigation, attendees of the Birth Injuries & the Law conference will be able to discuss hot topics such as informed consent and electronic medical records, the clinical challenges of caring for a critically-injured neonate, identifying common areas of leadership liability, and much more.

Expert faculty includes Stephanie R. Martin, DO, FACOG, director of maternal fetal medicine services at Southern Colorado Maternal Fetal Medicine, St. Francis Medical Center.

Denise Davis from Oakdale, CA, noted, "This conference was worth attending. I learned more than I expected to and would recommend it to any labor and delivery nurse."

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