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Screening for Mammograms and Prostate Cancer


There are conflicting guidelines on when women should get mammograms and questions on when the PSA blood test for prostate cancer is worthwhile.

So, how are people sorting through information about screening? A recent article posted on the NPR website reveals how Americans think about screening, and the NPR-Truven Health Analytics Health Poll, provides some answers.

More than three-quarters of women 40 and older said they knew about guidelines for mammograms. In that group, a little more than half said the guidelines had an influence on their decision to get tested. Among women who hadn't had mammogram in the past year, the top reasons were that they didn't have time, chose not to, or that they'd had one but just not in the past year.

As for men, about two-thirds of those 50 and older said they knew about guidelines for PSA testing. But less than half of them said the guidelines had affected their decision about getting tested.

Overall the survey showed, the more education people have and the more money they make, the more likely they are to get screened.

Dr. Ray Fabius, chief medical officer at Truven also made an important point. “"If you don't have a relationship with a personal doctor, you're less likely to have appropriate screenings.”

What do you recommend to your patients regarding screening? Join the discussion and comment below.


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