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With fall upon us and winter following close behind, parents of children everywhere are growing increasingly leery of winter viruses. According to a recent article featured on Medical News Today, winter viruses may actually be behind a spike in sleep-disordered breathing.

Sleeping well is critical for children of all ages and important for their development. But with winter viruses peeking around the corner, many kids are at an increased risk for sleep breathing disorders that can impair both their physical and mental development, which in turn may affect their academic performance.

A 2011 North American study exposed that the frequency of sleep-disordered breathing increases in both the winter and spring. Contrary to popular belief, asthma and allergies have not been found to contribute to pediatric sleep-disordered breathing. Instead, viruses alone may be responsible for this seasonal variation found in children.

Dr. Riva Tauman of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University states "We knew from research and clinical practice that sleep-disordered breathing in children gets worse during the colder months. What we didn't expect is that the trend has nothing to do with asthma or allergies." Researchers have also now been paying closer attention to how sleep-disordered breathing negatively impacts a child's development and are at risk for heart disease, stunted growth and neurocognitive problems.

In line with these new findings, Contemporary Forums' upcoming "Pediatric Critical Care Nursing" conference will cover many other areas related to children’s respiratory issues and for the first time will be  offering CE Credit for Respiratory Therapists. For those interested, one of this year's standout sessions for RT’s is titled, "Ventilatory Management in the Child with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome," given by Lauren Sorce, MSN, CCRN, CPNP-AC /PC, FCCM on October 29th. Please refer to the list below for a breakdown of CE hours respiratory therapists can now earn at our Pediatric Critical Care Nursing conference.

Preconference A: 6.75 hours

Preconference B: 6.5 hours

Main Conference: 16 hours

Join us as we uncover the truth behind respiratory issues in children as you earn extra CE hours. This is a conference not to be missed, especially with the seasonal viruses upon you, your children and your patients.


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